Grants from the Trust

The Gillian Dickinson Trust offer support to small charities in Northumberland, Tyne & Wear and County Durham.

Our aims are to promote excellence in the arts by the
young and to provide rural experiences for those deprived
of the opportunity.
The Trustees are committed to achieving the goals, and to live up to, the aspirations left to us by Gillian. This website is therefore an opportunity to demonstrate the progress we have made and to invite eligible organisations to apply for funding support.
We hope for more opportunities to work on ever more interesting North East projects in the coming years.

Gillian has entrusted a lot of responsibility to us, and challenged us to use our imaginations when deciding on how to spend the charity’s funds. We have been involved in some fantastic ventures over the years, and hopefully there are many more to come in the near future.
We look forward to more challenging Trustee meetings in the coming years. We hope that we are fulfilling Gillian’s vision. She has challenged us to use our imaginations.

Gillian Dickinson

"Gillian Mary Dickinson had a passion for the arts"

“Gillian Mary Dickinson had a passion for the arts, where she worked for the majority of her life. Her early years were spent at the British Council as editor of British Book News before setting up her own publishing company, Barrowden Books, later to be rebranded as The Spredden Press. After leaving the British Council, Gillian worked as an educational publisher, for Stanley Thornes, travelling all over the world to develop agencies.

After retiring from Thornes, Gillian started The Spredden Press, specialising in books about Northumberland and County Durham. Gillian died in 2002, a week after enjoying her 70th birthday with her family in London. She left most of her assets to a Trust, known today as the Gillian Dickinson Trust.
In the 19 years since Gillian died the trustees have provided grants totalling almost £3m to over 70 organisations situated throughout the North East. One such project was the Gillian Dickinson North East Young Sculptor of the Year award which began as a three year project, but due to its success was extended to five years.

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