Category: Projects 2023

Projects 2023

Samling 2021

Samling Institute for Young Artists nurtures young classical singers and piano accompanists.

Projects 2023

Hexham Book Festival 2021

Supporting reading and writing in all its forms across a variety of venues and libraries in and around Hexham.

Projects 2023

Monkchester Community Association

Monkchester Community Association is an organisation in Walker, Newcastle upon Tyne, which helps children in the community to express their creative side through arts and crafts and aids them in the development of social and educational skills.

Projects 2023

Birkheads Wild 2022

Birkheads Wild aims to help more young people to discover, explore and enjoy being outdoors.

Projects 2023

Cheeseburn Sculpture 2018

Universities have recognised that the Gillian Dickinson support for Cheeseburn has created some unique opportunities.

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