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Inspire to achieve

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Durham Army Cadet Force is an open and collaborative organisation, its syllabus contributes to fulfilling a number of Government policies for youth, including; Every Child Matters, Aiming High for Young People: (10yr Strategy for Positive Activities) and Healthy Weight, Healthy Lives.

Durham Army Cadet Force promotes the following aims:

  1. Personal development within a challenging, practical environment.
  2. Transportable, vocational qualifications leading to increased life chances.
  3. Enhanced social competence and integration.
  4. Social inclusion, high quality opportunities at minimal personal financial cost.
  5. Improved intra-community integration, cohesion through good citizenship.
  6. Better health and fitness.

Durham Army Cadet Force contribute to our youngsters:

  1. Staying Safe.
  2. Being Healthy.
  3. Achieving Economic Well Being.
  4. Enjoying achieving.
  5. Making a Positive Contribution.

Durham Army Cadet Force aims to contribute to Public Service Agreements:

  1. Supporting wider initiatives to eradicate child poverty by 2020.
  2. Helping to raise educational achievement of all children and young people.
  3. Narrowing the gap in educational achievement between children from low income and disadvantaged backgrounds.
  4. Helping improve the health and well-being of children and young people, improving children and young people’s safety, increasing the number of children and young people on the path to success.

Durham Army Cadet Force and its Band and Bugles has a motto, ‘Inspire to achieve’ ……The practical assistance provided by The Gillian Dickinson Trust has enabled Durham ACF Adult Volunteers to provide inspirational experiences for the Cadets in their charge.

Durham Army Cadet Force and its Band and Bugles welcomes boys and girls aged 12 to 18. Offering myriad life skills such as good citizenship and mutual respect, they encourage cadets to engage with their local community. The Band and Bugles in particular providing a highly visible and respected presence at civic and community events, such as Remembrance Parades, Royal visits and concerts. The demise of many military bands has run counter to a growing rediscovery of military music and support for servicemen and women, which means that Durham ACF Band and Bugles are much in demand.

Durham Army Cadet Force and its Band and Bugles could not respond to the calls upon their skills without the support of The Gillian Dickinson Trust. They are often asked to play for charity events. Uniforms, expensive musical instruments, the increasing costs of sheet music, copyright licenses and transport could not be met without the generous support of The Gillian Dickinson Trust.